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La colère de LuddNew Acquisitions

  • Exhibition

The new BPS22 exhibition, La colère de Ludd [Ludd’s Anger], brings together some forty works acquired recently by Hainault Province, most of which have yet to be exhibited at the Museum. Exploring the idea of dispossession, the selected works express not only the experience of upheaval, occupation, destruction and exhaustion, but also resistance and commitment. Hence the exhibition evokes different poetic, romantic, political and, occasionally, cruel instances of dispossession, which people may be conscious of living through to a greater or lesser degree.

It includes artists from Hainaut, Belgium and abroad who work with very different aesthetics and media: paint, sculpture, photography, video, installation and tapestry, among others. Their works highlight a multitude of dispossessions, often violent, sometimes voluntary.

LIST OF ARTISTS (to be finalised): Marcos Avila Forero, Ilit Azoulay, Charlotte Beaudry, Priscilla Beccari, Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin, Monica Bonvicini, Miriam Cahn, Jacques Charlier, Nicolas Clément & Barbara Massart, Stijn Cole, Marie-Line Debliquy, Marie Delier, Laurence Dervaux, Florence Doléac & MAXIMUM, Maëlle Dufour, Latifa Echakhch, mounir fatmi, Benoît Félix, Barbara Geraci, Margaret Harrison, Bénédicte Henderick, Laura Henno, Katia Kameli, Teresa Margolles, Yerbossin Meldibekov, Jacqueline Mesmaeker, Anita Molinero, Camila OliveiraFairclough, ORLAN, Sylvie Pichrist, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Anne-Marie Schneider, Suspended Spaces, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Liliane Vertessen, Marie Voignier, Peter Wächtler.

Curator : Dorothée Duvivier

EXHIBITION: 19.09.2020 > 03.01.2021
OPENING: FRI. 18.09.2020 – 19 :00