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The Message is the network!Mail Art in French-speaking Belgium

  • Hors-les-murs


Invited by the Wallonia-Brussels Centre in Paris, BPS22 has created the exhibition The Message is the Network! Mail Art in French-speaking Belgium, built around the main Belgian Francophone Mail Art artists, sometimes called Postal Art.

Pursuing a more general reflection on this marginal artistic trend, this exhibition aims to situate French-speaking artists in a wide European, or even worldwide, network of letter-writing correspondence. Working from the basis of the difficulties in circumscribing the field of Mail Art (from mailing to electronic messages), the exhibition takes into account various evolutions, such as the transition to fanzines at the end of the 1970s, and the transition from Mail Art to Network Art at the end of the 1980s. It will subsequently be presented, in several sections, to BPS22.

With Eric ADAM, Stephan BARBERY, Metallic AVAU, Bernard BOIGELOT, Jacques CHARLIER, Charles FRANÇOIS, Benoît PIRET, Thierry TILLIER, Jean SPIROUX, Baudhouin SIMONS, Guy STUCKENS, etc.

Curator : Pierre-Olivier Rollin


Wallonia-Brussels Centre
Rue Saint-Martin, 127-129
75004 Paris (France)