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David BROGNON, Sergio BRUNO, Emmanuel DI MATTIA, Alain DURIEUX, Jean-Pierre HENIN, Pascal MARTENS et Stéphanie ROLLIN.

In September 2016, there was consternation all over the Charleroi region and beyond with the announcement of the closure of the Caterpillar site in Gosselies. Motivated by the desire to overcome this feeling through action, a group of workers from the factory, artists Stéphanie Rollin and David Brognon, as well as the BPS22, got together to create something to symbolise the work accomplished in the factory over the decades.

This rallying project required long hours of discussion and months of work. It allowed everyone to show their skills, even to develop them further, and saw people creating strong bonds with each other. The result is the work Résilients. The title (Résilient) conveys the shock absorption capacity of materials as well as the human capacity to overcome a traumatic situation.

You can discover the full development of the Résilientsproject in the book published on the occasion of its presentation to the BPS22 in October 2017.

A work created with the help of Salvatore ALLEGRO, Samuel BABIAK, Ghislain CHUDZICKI, Jérôme DURANT, Olivier FORATIER, Jean-Thierry GANA, Chrystelle LAMBALLAIS, Mohammed LIBDRI, Frédéric MITTENAERE, Frédéric REMY, Didier RUBAN, Geoffrey SAUDEMONT, David TAMBOUR, and many others.

Coordination: Nancy CASIELLES, Amélie DETOLLENAERE, Dimitri LILLIS and Sophie JANSSEUNE.

With the support of the Roi Baudouin Foundation, the Henri Servais Foundation, Stephan Uhoda, Gingo and Prométhéa.

BPS22 edition, 2017.

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