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OPTIMUM PARKTMby the Entreprise d'Optimisation du Réel

  • Exhibition
  • Performance

Conceived by the Entreprise d'Optimisation du Réel, OPTIMUM PARKTM offers the opportunity of experiencing art through an interactive plastic mechanism where visitors are invited to complete a series of actions by an IT system. The difficulty and incongruous character of the actions requested and messages addressed progress throughout the performance, forcing the participant to redefine his/her position to the artwork, artist and institution. The performance is split up into three sequences corresponding to three levels of involvement of the visitors.

Programmed before the launch of the BPS22 works, OPTIMUM PARKTM deployed its equipment on the floor of the great hall. Each participant was called upon by the System to take part to a series of actions in interconnected installations: questionnaires, surveys or minimalist video games confronted each and everyone to a wide range of knowledge (biology, philosophy, astrophysics, ecology, etc.), demanding inventiveness and reactivity, a "shooting" station, "dark-room-noise", and "destruction" area, which all necessitated the physical involvement of visitors. These experiences wove the fabric of a comprehensive and collective performance, the issue of which was linked to the investment rate of each participant and the latter's response(s) to the solicitations of the system.

A project conceived by the Entreprise d'Optimisation du Réel (Sébastien Lacomblez, Sébastien Biset, Emmanuel Pire, Leslie Mannès, Antoine Boute).