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2021 Charleroi/Québec residencies : Artists appointed


The Hainaut Province Museum of Art BPS22, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) and the Bang Centre (Bang) have just appointed the artists who will take up residencies in Spring 2021.

Magali Baribeau-Marchand is a Quebecois artist who will unpack her bags at the BPS22 studio for a three month stay. Her quests are closely linked to a territory and often unfold on the ground in the form of collections and meetings. These are quests subsequently expressed in an action: sculpture, photography, the installation or image aims at magnifying a fragment, a detail. At Charleroi, she envisages exploring the concept of the ‘infra-ordinary’, invented by writer Georges Perec, and the poetic potential that flows from the meeting of nature and culture.

Pauline Debrichy is the French-speaking Belgian artist who will be welcomed by the Bang Centre in Chicoutimi, Quebec. Developing an in situ approach to art, she often locates her artistic works in the same places where the inspiration and ideas for sculptures and installations come to her. Comprehending a place, a town or an atmosphere and personal feelings contribute to defining the medium and the shape of a work conceived in dialogue with its surroundings. Having never set foot on the North American continent before, the Saguenay region represents a new experimental framework for her site-specific art.