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Adrien LuccaLe secret des couleurs

  • Exhibition

From his beginnings, Adrien Lucca (France, 1983) developed work aimed at exploring visual perception by using a method specific to the intersection between art and science. Although he studied visual arts at the École de Recherche Graphique (ERG) in Brussels, he is an autodidact who analyses and practises the sciences, maths, physics, colorimetry and computing in order to revisit painting through the medium of light.

Using cutting-edge technologies, constantly concerned about aesthetics and with a visual goal, he fashions light and colour to defy our common sense and question our comprehension and interpretation of reality. He confronts the viewer with devices that provoke a direct, physical and sensorial experience of the objects he designs and the place where he houses them.

For his first solo exhibition in a museum, Adrien Lucca presents from 20 May 2023 at the BPS22 in the salle Pierre Dupont, a huge installation in which every visitor is confronted with the limits of their own sensorial perception. Upstairs, next to the works of sculpture, models and sampling based on his most recent research, the artist also exhibits older works that illustrate his journey since 2011.


Salle Dupont
: Dorothée Duvivier
20.05 > 27.08.2023
Opening: 19.05.2023

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