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L'Art ménager... !?Petit Musée

  • Mediation

The Little Museum is a space for learning where exhibits are displayed at a child’s eye level. Here children can discover pieces from the Hainaut Province collection, selected according to current themes. This space invites a dialogue between children and the works, but also between generations.

This time the Little Museum leads us to reflect on the role of design in our everyday lives, using pieces gleaned from the industrial design collection curated by the Belgian designer Philippe Diricq and acquired by the BPS22. The exhibition discusses how design can contribute to progress and comfort, and also the questions it raises, such as:

• Has the development of the objects that surround us every day contributed to women’s liberation, as was said in the 1960s, and what was the gendered, sexist part of the advertising that announced a revolution in household tasks?

• What influence can the shape and colour of objects have on our consumer use?

• Regarding the environmental concerns of which we are all aware, how have the materials forming these objects developed and what is programmed obsolescence?

• What story does each object tells us down through the generations?

The educational project thus reveals the major social transformations hiding behind the little story of domestic art.

Alongside the objects on display, copies of advertising posters and a TV set showing adverts illustrate the clichés common at the time, while the work of first-year Photography students from the ESA Saint-Luc Liège demonstrate the objects from the design collection in different situations.


Created by the mediation department of the BPS22.
18.02 > 23.04 & 20.05 > 27.08.2023

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