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Lettres de misarchieCharleroi-Chicoutimi

  • Exhibition

The exhibition Lettres de misarchie, Charleroi-Chicoutimi is the outcome of the first cycle of exchanges between artists in residence at the BPS22 and the Bang Centre in Chicoutimi (Canada), held under the auspices of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec [Quebec Council of Arts and Letters] (CALQ) for the past three years. The works produced by the artists during their residencies all take the construction of new worlds as their context. Some of these worlds have a foothold in reality, from where they drift towards diverse fictional forms, while others are entrenched in fantasy from the start, pushed to the extremes of their designs, radically questioning reality.

Using media such as photography, painting, installation and video, along with ceramics and textiles, the exhibition’s artists have benefitted from the change of scenery offered by their residency to develop certain aspects of their work. Lettres de misarchie is thus an invitation to journey through imaginary lands, which in some respects, however, bear a strange resemblance to our world today.

Artists : Julien Boily, Philippe Braquenier, Cindy Dumais, Sara Létourneau, Maxence Mathieu, Marie-Andrée Pellerin, Hélène Petite, Denys Tremblay, Mathieu Valade.

Curator : Pierre-Olivier Rollin

The exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Bang Centre (Chicoutimi - Quebec), and is supported by the Quebec Government Office in Brussels.