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Pietro FortunaGlory VI. Au temps où nous n'étions pas des hommes

  • Exhibition

From 20 May 2023, the BPS22 presents the first large solo exhibition in Belgium of Italian artist Pietro Fortuna. The sixth stage of the Glory exhibition cycle, this Belgian stopover offers a kind of anthology of the artist’s preoccupations.

Born in 1950 in Padoue, Pietro Fortuna studied architecture and philosophy, two disciplines that have always guided his art practice. The first, through the rigour of the construction that characterises his installations and the permanent attention to the exhibition’s conditions; the second, through recurrent preoccupations about the future of humanity which enrich his journey.

In 2010, Pietro Fortuna opened his cycle of exhibitions called Glory at Tramway in Glasgow, before continuing in 2011 at Macro in Rome; at the Museo Marca, in Catanzaro (2012); and at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, again in Rome (2014). He settled in Brussels, Belgium, in 2015, and designed his Charleroi exhibition as the outcome of this cycle. New works, both sculptural and mural, will be deployed in the BPS22’s museum area. As in his previous series, they emerge from the deconstruction of figurative motifs, originating in images taken from different media, and then confronted by raw industrial materials.


Grande Halle
Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin
Exhibition from 20.05 to 27.08.2023
Opening: 19.05.2023

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Project supported by the Italian Council (2022), Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity, Italian Ministry of Culture.

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