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RésilientsPresentation of the artwork

  • Installation

Presentation of an artwork created by Caterpillar workers and artist duo Stéphanie & David Brognon.

Following the September closure of the Caterpillar Site, a group of workers decided to collaborate with the BPS22 and artists Stéphane Rollin & David Brognon to complete an artwork symbolising the work accomplished during decades in the factory.

The giant turnstile was inspired from those circling the Gosselies factory and integrated the BPS22 collection. It will be unveiled on 7 and 8 October for the very first time. The title of the work, Résilents, refers to the technical dimension of the piece (the capacity of adaptation of materials) and human dimension (capacity of overcoming a traumatic situation) of the term. Human is crushed and sucked into the mechanism of the imposing sculpture symbolising the power of industry and international corporations. Yet Man is at the very heart of this piece since his action alone allows turning the turnstile.

An artwork by David BROGNON, Sergio BRUNO, Emmanuel DI MATTIA, Alain DURIEUX, Jean-Pierre HENIN, Pascal MARTENS and Stéphanie ROLLIN.

SAT 07 - SUN 08.10.2017
11:00 > 19:00

Creative workshops for all will be organised throughout the weekend.