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Stéphanie AugerResidency restitution

  • Restitution Résidence

The artist Stéphanie Auger closes her residency with a short presentation to the public. This is an opportunity to discover the fruit of her experiments at the same time as the Teen Spirit exhibition before the (temporary) closure of BPS22.

Stéphanie Auger's approach has two main components. The first is artisanal; she harvests and transforms natural minerals taken from the immediate environment in order to make her own pigments and her own gouaches and watercolours. The second, formal, component is minimalist; she emphasizes the colours and textures created as they seem to merge with their supports and almost allow her to become an object (see this News for more info).

During this residency, Stéphanie Auger focused on action and experimentation. First in the field, on the slag heaps of the Charleroi region in search of coal residues. Then in a workshop-laboratory set up in a space in the BPS22 ; "this residency was very technical, very experimental. I tested various methods of grinding and filtering and various types of paper to obtain many shades of black from the same resource.

The result is a series of artistic experiments set in space on the Podium of the BPS22 Great Hall, to be seen from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May 2022. The artist sees this restitution as the materialization of his research. For the public, it is a unique opportunity to discover an artist who sublimates the subtleties of the dark shades of the Black Country.

Interview de l'artiste

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